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Monitoring the tests

D 4 mars 2020    

We develop the Finite Elements Stereo Digital Image Correlation (FE-SDIC) method with two purposes :

-  First, validating the numerical models by measuring the displacement field directly comparable with usual simulations. Stereo extends the scope of DIC to non-planar cases, which are more representative of industrial use cases.

-  Second, getting the boundary conditions on the technological specimen, needed by the numerical model.

Figure 1 - Displacement field measured by FE-SDIC

In order to expand our knowledge of the structure behavior, we are working on a multi-scale approach coupled with infrared thermography.

Figure 2 - Example of a multi-instrumentation. Here a couple of cameras observe the whole zone of interest, another one, with higher resolution, watches the damaged area and an IR camera is in the center.