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Main Features

D 5 May 2009    

Main Features

  • Multi-Zone solver
  • sequential, open-MP or MPI parallel computation (automatic splitting using Metis)
  • Finite Volume Heat Transfer solver
    • linear, non-linear, anisotropic materials
    • implicit and inverse solver (boundary conditions)
  • Finite Volume Compressible Flow solver
    • inviscid, laminar
    • explicit/implicit HLLE/HLLC and other schemes, MUSCL and SVM high order extensions
  • Fully unstructured mesh (2d, 3d) (tri, quad, tetra, hexa, prism, pyramid, etc)
  • CGNS input
  • Tecplot, VTK and CGNS outputs
  • boundary condition integral history
  • user defined volumic probes

Upcoming Features

  • Mesh refinement
  • moving reference frame
  • Spectral Volume high order method (in progress)

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Saturday 23 May 2009