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TYPHON is an open-source CFD project for users and developpers.

It has been designed as a multi-solver platform where it could be easily added a new solver or a new data structure.

For now, it provides a finite volume solver for compressible flows (inviscid or laminar) and a finite volume solver for heat transfer (with BC inverse capabality).

A sum up of main features is available in this article. A more detailed article lists all modifications.

Core structure

The core structure is based on a unsteady integration of user-defined cycle duration. Each cycle integration process is independent: one can choose different mesh based structures or different methods on different equations set. The core is currently organised with

  • a full unstructured 2D/3D mesh (CGNS input)
  • an automatic mesh splitting and MPI based parallel computations
  • a conjugate heat transfer/fluid process

An Open source project

Contributors are welcomed to add a new solver or specific interface with other projects. It is proposed

  • turbulence modelling (RANS), Large eddy simulation (LES)
  • Multigrid and implicit method for convergence acceleration
  • Dual time stepping
  • Adaptative mesh refinement (AMR)
  • graphical user interface for parameter input
  • incompressible fluid solver
  • output format to post-processing softwares

It is planned to separate most of geometric pre/post processing in another sourceforge project: CFDTOOLS.