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Compressible fluid model

D 29 July 2014    

The compressible fluid solver needs specific definitions of the gas model, its dynamics, boundary conditions and initial conditions.


Available modes for the dynamical effects of the fluid are

  • inviscid model with DYNAMICS=INVISCID|EULER.
  • laminar model with DYNAMICS=LAMINAR|DNS.

Gas model

Typhon can currently handle only one species. The only gas model is an ideal gas (perfect gas with constant heat capacities). The gas model is defined in BLOCK:MODEL.

Viscosity definition is available through

  • Sutherland law (VISCOSITY=SUTHERLAND) and then
    SUTH_TSUTH constants
  • constant dynamic viscosity (VISCOSITY=CONSTANT|DYNAMIC-CONSTANT) and then
    DYN_VISC constant
  • constant kinematic viscosity (VISCOSITY=KINEMATIC-CONSTANT) and then
    KIN_VISC constant

Whatever the definition of viscosity, the conductivity coefficient is defined through a constant Prandtl number.

example of Helium definition
 GAS=PERFECT    ! example: Helium

Boundary Conditions

  • wall (isothermal, adiabatic, coupled) and moving wall
  • symmetry
  • subsonic or supersonic inlet
  • subsonic or supersonic outlet

Initial Conditions