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D 29 August 2009    

There are several ways to obtain Typhon sources:

  • you can use subversion to get an up-to-date updatable development release:
    svn checkout typhon-code /path/to/my/typhon
  • you can use subversion to get an up-to-date development release:
    svn export typhon-code/path/to/my/typhon

Release versions of Typhon sources are also available, but may be older versions:

  • some Typhon releases are available as .tar.gz packages on the sourceforge download page
  • you can obtain more releases with some test-cases using subversion:
    svn export /path/to/my/typhon
    where n0-n1-n2 is the release number (available on this release list page)

According to the version you want to install and use, you will need third-party libraries (e.g. mpi if needed, cgns, metis).

You will then have to configure and build Typhon.