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Boundary conditions : compressible flow

D 9 février 2011    

Some parameters denoted symbolic function can be defined as symbolic functions which can depend on x, y, z and sometimes t.

Wall conditions

For compressible flows, wall conditions can be applied according to the type


wall condition with adiabatic energy condition


An additional WALL_TEMP=<value> is required as an uniform imposed temperature.


An additional WALL_FLUX=<value> is required as an uniform imposed flux (W/m2).

For each of them, a WALL_VELOCITY=<vector> can be defined.

Inflow conditions

There are currently two types of in-flow boundary conditions

Subsonic inflow
 FAMILY = my_mesh_tag
 PI     = <symbolic function>
 TI     = <symbolic function>   or  S  = <symbolic function>
 DIR_X= <symbolic function>
 DIR_Y= <symbolic function>
 DIR_Z= <symbolic function>
Supersonic inflow
 FAMILY = my_mesh_tag
 PI       = <symbolic function>   ! (total or stagnation pressure)
 TI       = <symbolic function>   ! (total or stagnation temperature)
 MACH= <symbolic function>
 DIR_X= <symbolic function>
 DIR_Y= <symbolic function>
 DIR_Z= <symbolic function>

Entropy S is defined by PS/RHO^gamma

Direction of velocity can also be defined directly with

 DIRECTION = (nx, ny, nz)    ! 3 <value> components

but only as constant components instead of DIR_* symbolic functions.

Outflow conditions

Like inflow conditions, there are currently two types of out-flow boundary conditions

Subsonic outflow
 FAMILY = my_mesh_tag
 P  = <symbolic function>   ! (static pressure)
Supersonic outflow

Although no user parameter is applied, the following definition must be specified.

 FAMILY = my_mesh_tag

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