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Planned developments

D 3 June 2009    

Here is a non exhaustive list of short term planned developments.

Core project

FeatureAssigned developerStatus
Periodic boundary conditions J. Gressier done
Normalized residuals J. Gressier done
Probe history based of volumic data J. Gressier done
End of computation with total number of iterations
Memory efficient splitting method
Vectorisation of symbolic functions J. Gressier

CFD tools

FeatureAssigned developerStatus
Face based tags in cgns reading J. Gressier open
internal mesh format J. Gressier

Navier-Stokes solver

FeatureAssigned developerStatus
Source terms (gravity)
SVM viscous flux O. Chikhaoui
SVM TVD/TVB limitation O. Chikhaoui
Axisymmetric solver

Heat transfer solver

FeatureAssigned developerStatus

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