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Change log

D 10 May 2009    

release 0.5.0 (r632) 2009/03/10

- NS Spectral Volume Method (3rd & 4th order, VTK output) (r602-603,618-619,624-625)
- NS Kinetic flux function (EFM/KFVS) (r631) and Rusanov flux (r612)
- NS Post-limitation (Barth, Monotonic) (r610,623)
- Mesh SVM-like mesh splitting (r618-619,624-625)
- KDIF Unsteady non uniform boundary conditions (symbolic functions) (r601)
- KDIF Implicitation of Flux and Thermal conditions (r612)
- KDIF Inverse boundary condition solver (r606,607,609,613-615,617,620)
- Core GMRES solver (NS or KDIF) (r627)
- Core Improvement of memory management (r621)
- Input Improve CGNS reading (r601)
- Core translations of comments (r627)
- Core generalized element connectivity (r602)
- Ouput remove NODE based Tecplot output (r602)

release 0.4.0 (r600) 2008/03/21

- NS Spectral Volume Method (2nd order) (r597-599)
- NS Runge Kutta integration (RK2, RK3-SSP) (r592,594)
- NS Miscellaneous initialization modes (r591,594)
- Mesh SVM2QUAD splitting for all methods (r589-590)
- MPI portage (r576,578)
- Input Improve CGNS reading (unused marks, volume marks) (r590-591)
- Input Intel fortran 9.1 portage (CGNS reading) (r593)
- Ouput Screen outputs enhancement (r582,586)
- Ouput Miscellaneous translations (r570-575,577)
- Core tree/list structure of unstructured grids (r562)

release 0.3.2 (r559) 2007/02/06

- NS Basic MUSCL method (MUSCL-UNS)
- NS Initialization with symbolic functions
- NS Initialization with optional static/total pressure or temperature, Mach/velocity
- NS Moving wall boundary condition (WALL_VELOCITY)
- NS Viscous flux implicitation
- Output Binary VTK (VTK-BIN)
- Core Automatic system configuration
- Core Automatic non regression test cases

release 0.3.1 (r479) 2006/08/26

- NS Kim’s 3rd order limiter extended to MUSCL method
- Output display CPU time
- Output enhanced outputs and options (periodic, etc)
- Core external stop of computation (file stop_typhon)
- Core CPU optimization (20% for explicit second order NS computation)
- Core symbolic computation library
- MESH can use long file names
- MPI Bug correction in automatic splitting

release 0.3.0 (r406) 2006/03/05

- MPI automatic mesh splitting (Metis)
- MPI NS first order computation (up to 20 procs at least)
- MPI NS second order computation (slightly different results at interfaces)
- MPI Unsteady synchronization

release 0.2.2 2006/01/16

- Opt optimization of CPU cost for gradient optimization (nearly 50%)
- NS Fast MUSCL method (for high quality meshes)
- NS Kim’s 3rd order limiter (only for Fast MUSCL method)
- NS test of internal energy positivity (output of bad cell index if not positive)
- Core ensure local time stepping bounded to cycle time step

release 0.3 RC 1 2005/11/06

- MPI automatic mesh splitting (Metis)
- MPI NS first order computation (up to 20 procs)
- MPI Unsteady synchronization

release 0.2.1 13/10/2005

- MESH scaling function
- NS features constant dynamic viscosity
- NS features linear dynamic viscosity
- NS initialization with a file
- KDIF initialization with a file
- NS improved subsonic outlet condition (enforce pi>= p)
- NS features Implicit jacobian matrices for HLL fluxes (diagonal equivalent)
- NS improved MUSCL method
- NS features non-uniform thermal boundary conditions
- NS improved heat flux boundary condition at wall
- core Navier-Stokes/Heat transfer coupling
- NS CFL computation for unsteady problems

release 0.2.0 04/09/2005

- MESH scaling function
- NS features constant dynamic viscosity
- core Implicitation program structure reorganised (include ghost cells)
- KDIF features BiCG, BiCG-Jacobi, CGS iterative inversion methods (DLU structure)
- KDIF improved adiabatic boundary condition
- NS features BiCG-Stab iterative inversion method (block-DLU structure)
- NS changed symmetry boundary condition (ghost cell is now really symmetric: improved hypersonic flows)
- NS features (validation) Viscous stress tensor (laminar flows), Sutherland law
- NS features increasing CFL number with convergence (bounded by CFL_MAX parameter)
- NS MUSCL interpolation for second order accuracy
- NS features non-uniform thermal boundary conditions
- NS improved heat flux boundary condition at wall
- core Navier-Stokes/Heat transfer coupling

release 0.1.7 08/07/2005

- core introduces User Defined Functions (UDF) through user-made fortran functions
- KDIF features radiating boundary condition
- KDIF features radiative coupling with view factors (simplified)
- KDIF features anisotropic material (only UDF)
- KDIF features boundary parameters temporal interpolation (via UDF)
- NS features HLLC upwind scheme (ability for viscous flows)
- NS features Viscous stress tensor (laminar flows)
- OUTPUT can write boundary condition face centers
- OUTPUT can write unsteady results on boundaring family

release 0.1.6 10/12/2004

- NS MUSCL interpolation for 2nd order computations
- GUI Plot residuals for only one zone
- OUTPUT Residuals in monres.nnn file

release 0.1.5 05/08/2004

- NS Inviscid solver released, HLLE first order upwind scheme
- NS boundary conditions: subsonic and supersonic inlet and oulet
- NS boundary conditions: symmetry
- OUTPUT VTK format for scalars and vectors (NS only)

release 0.1.4 01/07/2004

- known bug computation of 3D meshes with QUAD face cells
- MESH CGNS files: TRI/QUAD 2D meshes, TETRA/PRISM 3D meshes
- KDIF boundary conditions: convection h(T-Tref)
- KDIF Implicit time integration (direct LU or Iterative Jacobi)
- OUTPUT VTK format for scalars and vectors (NS only)

release 0.1.3 08/04/2004

- known bug computation of gradients
- MESH CGNS files: 2D meshes of TRI cells
- MZONE KDIF/KDIF coupling
- MZONE Computation of conformal connections of faces between zones

release 0.1.2 15/10/2003

- INPUT Manage stationnary computations by residual criteria
- core Computation of gradients by least mean square method
- core CPU optimization
- KDIF extended flux interpolation
- KDIF Fourier based timestep computation

release 0.1.1 01/08/2003

- OUTPUT TECPLOT files, vertex based solution (QUAD) and connectivity

release 0.1.0 01/07/2003

- MESH CGNS files: unstructured 2D mesh of QUAD cells
- KDIF Heat transfer solver released
- KDIF constant conduction coefficient
- KDIF explicit temporal integration with global time step
- KDIF simplified flux interpolation
- KDIF boundary conditions: isothermal and adiabatic
- OUTPUT TECPLOT files, cell centered solution

june 2002: started development

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