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Managers, members and partners

D 16 December 2017    

The institutes involved in the project are listed in this page with respective points of contact.

Management and funding

The project is currently managed by ISAE-Supaero with the financial support of Toulouse University.

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D. Roque
R.N. Perdriau


RALF’s members include several engineering schools or universities under the aegis of Toulouse University. Students and teachers interested in the project shall contact the local managers listed below.

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C. Morlaas
N. Thomas
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D. Dragomirescu
P. Berthou


Besides the members listed above, several partners have joined the project in order to share their experience of software defined radio as well as hardware resources.

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O. Michel
Y. Degla
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G. Albertini


  • A. Bouchet, reprographic service and graphic artist, ISAE-Supaero.
  • M. Berranger, avionics technical team, ISAE-Supaero.
  • L. Dairaine, head of the IT service, ISAE-Supaero.
  • S. Majsak, radio frequency technical team, ISAE-Supaero.