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D 30 juin 2016    

For general questions, please contact us.

Administrative Contact

email :
phone : +33 (0)5 61 33 87 20

With the support of ISAE alumni association ...see website...

From setting conference dates and registration fees to planning social events, the Organizing Committee is in charge of planning the 1st International Conference of Neuroergonomics and arranging logistics before, during, and after the event. The Organizing Committee is excited to welcome you to Paris.


ISAE-SUPAERO trains engineers that are highly qualified in the aerospace sectors and related fields, and conducts scientific research and technological development work..
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Our core mission is to finance basic research contributing to understand and prevent risks. We support innovative and cutting-edge projects like AXA Chair in Neuroergonomics for flight safety.


The foundation of scientific cooperation "Science and Technology for the Aerospace and Space," is a new unifying tool for the development of scientific research of excellence Midi-Pyrenees, exploitable by regional aerospace industries..
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Dr. Frédéric Dehais (ISAE) Dr. Hasan Ayaz (DREXEL) Dr. Kevin Mandrick (ISAE) Corinne Rouillard (ISAE Alumni) Anna Jastrzebski (AXA)
Dr. Raphaëlle Roy (ISAE) Dr. Sébastien Scannella (ISAE)