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Kinematic Modeling
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Download software

D 28 February 2011    

This page gives access to the Matlab software downloads associated to the publication.

The link below downloads the Software developped with MATLAB that computes the rotational speeds of the links of a mechanism and the contact frequencies in gear pairs and turning pairs.

Zip - 89.6 kb
Download software zip folder.

PDF - 97.8 kb
Readme for using the software.

A "Read Me" file is attached. It can help you get started, gives information on how to run the program and gives a few examples.

Also in this section

Publications This page gives access to the submitted publication, " A General Method for Kinematic Modeling of Gear Mechanisms, (...)

Monday 28 February 2011
Examples This page gives access to several examples associated to the proposed software.

Monday 28 February 2011
Contacts Feel free to contact the authors of this publication.

Monday 28 February 2011