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Poster Session

Poster Session

D 27 septembre 2012    

P. Wurz The Callisto Descent Probe
PDF - 1.5 Mo
J. Delaune (Student) Pinpoint Landing Navigation with a Camera : Design and Preliminary Hardware Validation
PDF - 6.1 Mo
Z. Wu The simulation of one side of tetrahedron airbags impact attenuation system
PDF - 424.3 ko
PDF - 380.1 ko
G. Vekinis Interim Results of the RASTAS SPEAR Project
PDF - 356.4 ko
D. Bose The Hypersonic Inflatable Decelerator (HIAD) Mission Applications Study
PDF - 832.1 ko
E. Palomba VISTA a thermogravimetry/biosensor system for in-situ analysis of planetary surfaces
PDF - 567.1 ko
S. Nouvellon (Student) Thermal Design of a Lunar Penetrator
PDF - 538.5 ko
PDF - 673.8 ko
M. Gritsevich Coupling of blowing and roughness effects in the Spalart–Allmaras turbulence model
PDF - 70.3 ko
D. Kuznetsova (Student) Earth entry observations Solution to inverse problem with incomplete data
PDF - 109.2 ko
F. Siebe Combined Sensor Assembly COMARS for Martian Atmospheric Entry
PDF - 882.6 ko
P. Wurz A miniaturised laser-ablation mass spectrometer for in-situ chemical analysis of planetary solids
PDF - 911.5 ko
O. Bompis Frequencies Consideration for Surface Communications in the Lunar Region
PDF - 153.6 ko
D. Atkinson Scientific Value of a Saturn Atmospheric Probe Mission
PDF - 188.6 ko
G. Leplat Mars Aerocapture Technique : Aerothermodynamic Issues
PDF - 3.6 Mo
K. Reilley (Student) EntrySat : A Study of the Atmospheric Re-Entry Environment
PDF - 4.4 Mo
F. Hillier (Student) Power and Thermal design for Ganymede and Europa Penetrators
PDF - 885.1 ko
J. Benton (Student) Development of Precision Parafoil Flight at Very High Altitude For Sample Return Applications
PDF - 1.6 Mo
D. Jurewicz Application of High Pressure Textile Inflatable Structures for Planetary Probes
PDF - 1.5 Mo
K. Ramus (Student) Characterizing an Experimental Decelerator
for Delivering Nano-Sat Payloads to Planetary Surfaces
PDF - 1.1 Mo
R. Riggs (Student) Development of Smaller Power Technologies For Use in Planetary Probes
PDF - 170 ko
K. Oudrhiri Enhancing Planetary Wind Measurements with Radio Science Flight Instruments
PDF - 162.6 ko
C. Gonzalez (Student) Printed Microstrip Antennas Designed for Small Spacecraft at Ultra High Frequencies
PDF - 829.9 ko
J. Hill (Student) In-situ Strain and Deformation Measurements of Inflatable Aeroshell Test Articles
PDF - 4 Mo
H. Truong (Student) Nano-Composite Materials for the Construction of Space Probes – An Investigation on Fracture Toughness of Hybrid Interfaces
PDF - 334.9 ko
L. D’Uston CHEMCAM : An Instrument for In Situ Analysis of Planetary Surface Composition
PDF - 2.7 Mo
P. Vernis Accurate Entry Guidance for a Mars Precision Landing
PDF - 7.9 Mo
H. Tanno Aeroheating test of entry capsule models in high-enthalpy and high-pressure flow
PDF - 766.9 ko
M. Grover NASA Thermal Performance Data System
PDF - 5.6 Mo
T. Steiner Development and testing of a integrated navigation sensor
PDF - 2.5 Mo
V.Caso Simulation of Titan atmosphere by an arc-heated facility
PDF - 344.3 ko
J. Juneau Design of the SPORE Small Probe High Altitude Balloon Drop Test
PDF - 1.9 Mo

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