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Spatial Attention

D 21 juin 2024    

Title : How does your attention work ? Take part in an experimental campaign to study spatial attention and EEG variability in simulated flight conditions

This experience is composed of 6 sessions and will spread out over 3 weeks (2 sessions per week), with each session lasting 2 hours. The first three sessions will take place in the laboratory, the last three in the flight simulator. During the sessions, we will ask you to wear an EEG (electroencephalography) cap while performing a task that simulates the context of piloting an airplane. Your brain activity will be used to investigate your attentional performance during the task. An eye tracker will be used too.

Duration : 6 sessions spreaded in three weeks. Within the same week, sessions are at the same time. Sessions last 2 hours

Compensation : 20€ each double session in gift cards (60€ total)

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