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1st International Workshop on Eye-Tracking in Aviation

D 30 April 2019    

ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France

17th March 2020

Application areas:
Eye Tracking research in the aviation domain including, but not limited to the cockpit and air traffic control / management

Research fields include, but are not limited to:

  • Eye Tracking for training:
    • Tools for improving monitoring skills
    • Tools for instructors/educators
    • Standardized eye movement patterns
  • Eye Tracking for interaction:
    • Gaze as an input modality in the cockpit and for traffic control
    • Gaze-based interaction to support existing interactions
    • Gaze-based interactions to introduce novel interactions
  • Eye Tracking for analysis:
    • Eye movements in cockpit and air traffic control operations
    • Evaluation and improvement of interfaces
    • Expertise estimation and flight performance analysis
    • Tools for comparison of pilots’ and controllers’ scanpaths
    • Analyzing big eye tracking data from training sessions
    • Cognitive pilots/controllers models based on gaze behavior
  • Eye Tracking challenges and extensions:
    • On-board gaze recording challenges
    • Extending physiological recordings with EEG, ECG, EDA, fNIRS
    • Augmented/virtual/mixed reality in simulation or training
    • Ethical aspect

Submission link: (opens 1st August 2019)