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Context and objectives

The aerodynamic analysis based on the exergy method is gaining interest in the research community and the industry as it provides a powerful performance assessment for any configuration, regardless its complexity. Nevertheless, this method is not yet used massively. One of the reasons behind is that very few exergy-based CFD posttreatment codes are available today and all of them are not freely available. ISAE-SUPAERO decided to overcome this drawback by developing an open source exergy analysis tool suited for CFD and experimental data (wind tunnel testing). The code was originally used at ISAE for research purposes (Development of new exergy formulations) and now is released to the public under GNU GPL V3 license.



Since this software was developed in order to perform an exergy analysis, whose symbol is “ε”, it has been named “Epsilon”.



Epsilon is under constant development since November 2017 and there are currently three versions available: