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User’s manual

Epsilon V2.0:

The user’s manual contains all the information that the user must know before using Epsilon:


• A review of the methods implemented in the code (Theoretical background)
• The architecture of Epsilon
• Installation procedure
• How to use the software to perform an aerodynamic analysis (several methods)


• Download file:
EPSILON v2.0 User’s Manual

Epsilon V3.0:

This new version of Epsilon will not be released with a manual since the code features are now fully detailed in the YouTube video tutorials. The user may only refer to the manual of Epsilon V2.0 to see the details of the aerodynamic analysis methods coded in Epsilon. Indeed, the equations did not change from Epsilon V2.0 to Epsilon V3.0, except for the exergy equations, which are fully detailed here. Indeed, the major changes from V2.0 to V3.0 are related to the architecture of the code but not to the implementation of the aerodynamic analysis methods.