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How to cite Epsilon in your work?

Epsilon V2 was released to the public domain in 2020 in the Aerospace Europe Conference whereas Epsilon V3 was released in the 2022 3AF Aerodynamics Conference. Please, cite in your paper/report the Epsilon version used in your work:


• To cite Epsilon V2:
Aguirre, M., Duplaa, S., “Epsilon: An Open Source Tool for Exergy-Based Aerodynamic Analysis”, Aerospace Europe Conference, 25-28 February 2020, Bordeaux, France.


• To cite Epsilon V3:
Aguirre, M.A., Duplaa, S., “Epsilon v3: exergy-based aerodynamic analysis tool for CFD and WTT data”, 56th 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics, 28 – 30 March 2022, Toulouse, France.


PhD manuscript

Epsilon V2 was massivelly deployed in the following PhD work, where a new wake-reduced exergy formulation was developed for the study of CFD and WTT data of highly-complex aircraft designs with aero-propulsive coupling (e.g., distributed propulsion). The lessons learned from this work were exploited to develop Epsilon V3 during 2022.


Aguirre,M., "Exergy analysis of innovative aircraft with aeropropulsive coupling", PhD thesis, ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse, France, 2022.


Journal papers:


Aguirre, M.A., Duplaa, S., Turnbull, A. and Carbonneau, X., “Velocity Decomposition Method for Exergy-Based Drag Prediction”, AIAA Journal, vol. 58, no. 11, pp. 4686–4701, Nov. 2020,


Aguirre, M. and Duplaa, S., “Exergetic Drag Characteristic Curves,” AIAA Journal, Vol. 57 (No.7), 2019, pp. 2746-2757.


Conference papers:

Aguirre, M.A., Caron, P.A., Duplaa, S., “Exergy analysis of a delta wing: a challenging test case”, 56th 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics, 28 – 30 March 2022, Toulouse, France.


Ruscio, J. P., Duplaa, S., Aguirre,M., Binder,N., “Exergy Analysis of Unsteady Flow Around an Adiabatic Cylinder in Vortex Shedding Condition”, 56th 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics, 28 – 30 March 2022, Toulouse, France.


Aguirre, Duplaa, Carbonneau, Turnbull, Arntz, “A Better Assessment of the Recoverable Energy Behind a Body by the Exergy Method”, Aerospace Europe Conference, 25-28 February, France, 2020.


Aguirre, M., Duplaa, S., Carbonneau, X. and Turnbull, A., “A Systematic Analysis of the Mechanical Exergy of an Airfoil by Using Potential Flow, Euler & RANS”, 24ème Congrès Français de Mécanique, 2019, France.


Aguirre, M., Duplaa, S. and Carbonneau, X., “2D Flow Field Analysis by the Exergetic Method”, AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, 17-21 June 2019, Dallas, United States.


Aguirre, M., Duplaa, S. and Carbonneau, X., “Vortex Exergy Prediction”, 54th 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics, 25 – 27 March 2019, Paris, France.


Conference plenary sessions:


Aguirre, M.A. “Exergetic Analysis of Innovative Aircrafts with Aero-Propulsive Coupling”, 6o Congreso
Argentino de Ingeniería Aeronáutica, 17-19 novembre 2021, Buenos Aires, Argentine.


Publications of Epsilon users:

Epsilon community is growing fast, with users all around the globe at the academics, research and industry. Hereafter, some of the papers published recently by our users are referred:


Hart. P , Axten, C., Maughmer,M. and Schmitz,S., "Drag Decomposition of Full Aircraft Configurations Using Partial-Pressure Fields", AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum, Chicago, IL & Virtual, June 27-July 1, 2022.


Hart. P and Schmitz,S., "Partial Pressure Field for Airfoil Wave Drag", Article in Advance, AIAA Journal, 2022.


Hart. P and Schmitz,S., "A Partial Pressure Field For Airfoil Wave Drag", AIAA SCITECH 2022 Forum, San Diego, CA & Virtual, January 3-7, 2022.


Hart. P and Schmitz,S., "Drag Decomposition Using Partial-Pressure Fields: ONERA M6 Wing", AIAA Journal, Volume 60, Number 5, May 2022.


Hart. P and Schmitz,S., "Application of Partial-Pressure Field Drag Decomposition to the ONERA M6 Wing", AIAA aviation 2021 forum, virtual event August 2-6, 2021.