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Meshing technique



This section contains details about the meshing strategy to be used in CFD cases where a wake-based aerodynamic analysis is required (i.e., far-field, power balance or exergy). Several mesh types suited for wake analysis are discussed first and then, the overall Multizone mesh procedure is described. Also, the step-by-step meshing procedure in ICEM CFD is detailed. This tutorial comes with a reference test case to be used for testing the Multizone mesh technique. It is the wing of the CRM aircraft (The aircraft is provided as well but not included in this tutorial due to its complexity).


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Note: the CRM WING data includes an ICEM coarse mesh example and its related CFD solution with Fluent. Note that this very coarse mesh WILL NOT PROVIDE accurate drag predictions. However, this Fluent file will be used in the video tutorials in order to illustrate some new capabilities of Epsilon V3