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D 6 janvier 2015    

The safety-Critical Embedded SystEms Chair (CESEC) is an education chair created by the EADS Corporate Foundation on January 2013. It is implemented within three engineering schools in Toulouse : ISAE, INSA and INP-ENSEEIHT. It aims at strengthening the "system" dimension in existing syllabus related to safety-critical embedded systems and at attracting students in this domain.
This chair aims at developing a new engineering education pedagogy in critical embedded systems, through :
- a portfolio of projects proposed to students in collaboration with the aerospace and automotive industry. Together with this portfolio, teaching programs will be enriched to define and strengthen the “system” dimension ;
- an international summer school, addressing students, young engineers and professionals in the industry ;
- scholarships to attract the best students in the field of safety-critical embedded systems.

Titulaire de la chaire : Professeure Janette Cardoso, ISAE/DMIA

Portfolio of projets

An important goal of CESEC is to motivate cross-curriculum and cross-institution collaboration, supported by industrial concrete cases. This is done through a portfolio of projects proposed to the students both in initial training and continual education.
This portfolio operates on an innovative education initiative to allow involved students working to have at the same time a global vision (associating project management and system approach) and a more focused vision in their domain of training (e.g. computer science, electronic, control). The experience in the management, the coordination and the multidisciplinary aspects of this portfolio is a key to the learning experience.

A workspace in the form of wiki was created by the projects’ advisors (industry and academic of the three schools of the chair). The acquired experience in the management of the coordination and the interdisciplinary of this portfolio will be set up in a Methodological Guide aimed at all the institutions of higher education of the domain of embedded systems.

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Summer School on Critical Embedded Systems

See also EADS Foundation newsletter - n°7 - October 2013


  • For accessing the webpage dedicated to CESEC scholarship, please clik here


Jérôme Hugues, Janette Cardoso : CESEC Chair – Training Embedded System Architects for the Critical Systems Domain, in Embedded Systems Week 2013, Sept 29 - Oct 04, 2013, Montreal, Canada.

PDF - 493.6 ko