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BLEND - BLockchain for aEronautical aND space systems

D 24 November 2023    



Why does the ISAE-Supaero do research on blockchains?

  • Blockchain technology includes many scientific topics covered by research departments DCAS and DISC : computer science, IA, cryptography, distributed systems, ...
  • Blockchains are foreseen to have many aerospace applications : drones, satellites, autonomous/embedded systems, air traffic management, ...
  • The objective of this activity is to blend several ISAE-Supaero researchers with various skills around blockchain technology and applications.
  • Thanks to the many topics involved in blockchain systems, it is an excellent domain for teaching through research. A lot of our students are interested by this novel and promising technology.



  • Doriane Pérard (ISAE) - Blockchain and efficient storage (Sept. 2017-Dec. 2020), supervised by J. Lacan
  • Marina Dehez Clementi (ISAE-ENAC-Macquarie University)) - Blockchain-enabled Trust and Security in Distributed Systems (2018-) - supervised by J. C Deneuville (ENAC), E. Lochin (ENAC) and J. Lacan (ISAE-Supaero) in France and by D. Kaafar and H. Asghar (Australia)
  • Deborah Conforto Nedelmann, IA for embedded blockchains, (October 2021-), supervized by C. Chanel and J. Lacan
  • Thomas Lavaur, cryptography for embedded blockchains, (October 2021-), supervized by J. Lacan and C. Chanel
  • Antoine Stevan, Reliability and security of distributed storage in UAV networks, supervized by J. Detchart, T. Perennou and J. Lacan (October 2023-...)


  • Perard, D., Lacan, J., Bachy, Y., & Detchart, J. (2018). Erasure code-based low storage blockchain node. Published at Blockchain 2018 (Halifax, Canada), July 2018.
  • Dehez-Clementi, M. and Larrieu N. and Lochin E. and Kaafar D. and Asghar H.. When air traffic management meets blockchain technology : a blockchain-based concept for securing the sharing of flight data. IEEE/AIAA 38th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), Sept. 2019
  • Pérard D. , Gicquel L., Lacan J. , "BLOCKHOUSE : Blockchain-based distributed storehouse system", 9th Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing (LADC), November 2019
  • M. G. Santos De Campos, P. E. U. de Souza, C. P. C. Chanel and J. Lacan Blockchain-Based Multi-UAV Surveillance System, Second Symposium on Blockchain for Robotics and AI Systems, Dec. 2019
  • Dehez-Clementi M., Deneuville J. C., Lacan J., Asghar H. and Kaafar D., Who let the DOGS out: a Group Signature scheme with Distributed Opening for Auditable but Anonymous 4th International Workshop on. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology - CBT sept. 2020. Abstract video link , Full video link
  • Perard, D., Goffin, X. and Lacan, J. Using Homomorphic hashes in coded blockchains. (2020) accepted for presentation at : SERIAL ’20 4th Workshop on Scalable and Resilient Infrastructures for Distributed Ledgers, 7 December 2020 - 11 December 2020 (Delft, Netherlands). paper, video link
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  • Marina Dehez Clementi, Jean-Christophe Deneuville, Emmanuel Lochin, Jérôme Lacan. BEAT-Traffic: a Blockchain-Enabled infrastructure for Anonymous-yet-Traceable Traffic reporting. The 9th International Workshop on Safety and Security of Intelligent Vehicles (SSIV) co-located with DSN 2023, IEEE/IFIP, Jun 2023, Porto, Portugal
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Past and current students projects

  • Reverse-engineering the Ethereum Geth client to implement back-end attacks on Blockchain, J. Yates, A. Stum, June 2017
  • Reliable messaging dapp : email-like system on Ethereum - P. Courgeon, E. Puydebois, C. Gil, september 2017
  • Ethereum evaluation with Blockbench integration, I. Dahan, June 2018
  • Transparent call for tender dapp, on Ethereum, P.L. Saint, June 2018
  • Benchmark Hyperledger Fabric vs Quorum - L. Gicquel, November 2018
  • Erasure Coding integration in Geth, X. Goffin, June 2019
  • Comp’Chain : Delivey and certification of skills, based on Quorum, B. Allard, L. Sterlin and V. M. Leguet, collaboration with with Bruno Ilponse and Laurent Dairaine, 2019
  • Blockchain-Based Multi-UAV Surveillance System, Mario G. Santos de Campos, 2020
  • Study of the IOTA blockchain and its Fast Probabilistic Consensus algorithm, A. Vandewalle, June 2020
  • Distributed Ledger for Depreciating Space Tracking Data, C. Dahdah, C. van Leeuwen, Z. Kheil, June 2020
  • Group signature implementation on Ethereum, M. Delage, 2020.
  • Distributed deciphering implementation on Ethereum, A. Vandewalle, 2020.
  • A technical analysis of pairing-based Proof of Retrievability systems, T. Jegou, 2021
  • A Blockchain-based Multi-entity Fractionated Spacecraft System, M. Alves, Justine Veirier D’Aiguebonne, 2021
  • Blockchain for Tokenizing Space Assets, A. Merchiche-Abdelmoumene, P. Mignerot, 2021
  • Multi-client Efficient Proof-of-Retrievability, L. Gicquel, 2021
  • Secure, Transparent and Reliable Embedded Random Number Generation based on zkSNARK, T. Lavaur, 2021
  • ZK-proof applications on Ethereum, J. Grimal, 2021.
  • ....


At ISAE-Supaero we benefit of a unique blockchain evaluation platform. We are capable of automatic blockchain deployment on our 30 machine platform. Demonstrated by a double-spend attack.

We also use other ISAE-Supaero platforms like the autonomous systems platform. Here, we show the interest of blockchains for networks of drones :

Example of demonstration

Resilience of a network of drones implementing a blockchain for a surveillance mission :

Main researchers

External Collaborations