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Blockchains at ISAE-SUPAERO

D 30 août 2018    



Why does the ISAE do research on blockchains ?

  • Blockchains are foreseen to have many aerospace applications.
  • Students are interested in this novel and promissing technology
  • Blockchain applications exist in many different fields therby involving researchers from several other groups (SD : supply chains, IPSC : smart contract formal verification, etc.)

Overall blockchains involve many skills which is ISAE’s main strength.


3 PhDs

  • Doriane Pérard (ISAE) - Blockchain scalability analysis
  • tbd (CIFRE) - Secure document storage (Q4 - 2018)
  • tbd (ISAE-Macquarie University)) - Blockchain security (Q4 - 2018)


  • Perard, D., Lacan, J., Bachy, Y., & Detchart, J. (2018). Erasure code-based low storage blockchain node. Published at Blockchain 2018 (Halifax, Canada), available at arXiv:1805.00860.
  • Research project with Scalian

Student projects

  • Reliable messaging system
  • Transparent call for tender mechanism
  • Diploma validation


At ISAE-SUPAERO we benefit of a unique blockchain evaluation platform. We are capable of automatic blockchain deployment on our 30 machine platform.

  • Blockchain evaluation with Blockbench integration in our platform
  • Double-spend attack demonstration (video comming soon)

Permanent researchers