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Plenary Speakers

D 10 December 2014    

We are proud to feature three guest speakers for this year’s 2nd Annual 2f-NIRS Workshop.

Hasan Ayaz, Ph.D. (USA)

Hasan Ayaz is an Assistant Research Professor in Biomedical Engineering. He received his BSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bogazici University with high honors and MSc. and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering and studied Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Research interests include brain computer interfacing and human performance assessment using optical brain sensors. Experienced in software development, computer graphics, user interface design and embedded system development.

Judit Gervain, Ph.D. (France)

Babies, even toddlers, know and understand many aspects of their mother tongue before pronouncing their first words. My research aims to explore these early language skills using fNIRS method.

Louis Bherer, Ph.D. (Canada)

Bherer’s research studies the effect of cognitive stimulation and physical activity on cognitive decline associated with aging and chronic disease. Normal aging is often accompanied by declines in brain functionality that can harm the quality of life of seniors. However, not all people are affected in the same way and not all brain functions decline at the same speed. Bherer and his team want to improve understanding of why and how intellectual stimulation and physical activity can help seniors maintain better brain functioning. He is also exploring whether these benefits are long lasting and are similar for seniors of all ages, sexes, and health conditions.