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D 10 December 2014    

The "Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace" (ISAE) was created in 2007 from the merger of the two prestigious French "Grandes Ecoles": SUPAERO (1909) and ENSICA (1945). ISAE is today, one of the worldwide leading universities in aerospace higher education and research.

The Institute ISAE-SUPAERO provides high-level Graduate Programs in engineering, Master’s degrees, Postgraduate Specialized Masters, PhD degrees, with a wide range of career opportunities: engineering, research and development, logistics, consulting, finance, etc.

ISAE also has a very active research policy around four main principles:

  • to ensure a strong link between programs and research,
  • to set up an international center for hosting and training for Master’s degrees, Specialized Masters, and PhD degrees,
  • to guarantee a proper balance between academic visibility and industrial aims proximity,
  • to promote innovation in the aerospace field.

ISAE-SUPAERO is always pursuing a balance between its educational objectives and the business needs, in particular:

  • participation in the continued education of many industry professionals,
  • a very wide range of internship offers allowing students to put their knowledge into practice,
  • research always turned towards future needs of industry, in the aerospace or advanced technology fields.

At the international level, ISAE-SUPAERO collaborates with the best European and North-American universities with:

  • frequent and multiple students and professors exchange programs,
  • the launch of common education and research programs,
  • the active involvement of many networks such as PEGASUS, TIME, PRES "Toulouse University" or the world-class "Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster".